Florida is at the center of the climate crisis, being threatened by ever increasing storms and super-charged hurricanes, sea level rise, and rising record-breaking heat days, among other climate impacts.

The status quo of inaction is no longer an option. The future demands on our ability to work together, now, to reverse the damage and restore our planet’s natural balance to allow people and nature to thrive in harmony.

At Climate First Bank our vision is to reimagine finance as a force for good and become the most impactful bank contributing to the drawdown of atmospheric CO2. Backed by Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles, Climate First Bank is a full-service community bank offering personal and commercial banking services with a focus on environmental sustainability. We do our part to preserve America’s irreplaceable ecosystem by providing residents and businesses with convenient, specialized green loan options for everything ranging from rooftop solar to renewable energy to building retrofits, EV charging, or even purchasing certified carbon offsets.

The bank is helmed by our dedicated team of experienced local executives and directors who share a collective vision to do the right thing for our people, planet, community and shareholders.

Carbon neutral since the first day we opened our doors, Climate First Bank will never invest in extractive industries and every decision we make is through the lens of achieving Drawdown.

Designed to Do Good

We know its not enough to just talk about change. We must actively be working to make a positive impact. We are working with the below organizations, causes, and reporting groups to ensure the mission upon which the bank was founded is developed through actionable steps that create measurable impact.

Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out a framework of 17 Goals based on its 10 principles to tackle the world’s most pressing social, economic, and environmental challenges in the lead-up to 2030.  Climate First currently has a focus on SDG numbers 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy), 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities), 13 (Climate Action), and 17 (Partnerships for the Goals), with the focus growing as we add members to the banking and impact team.


1% for the Planet 

Through 1% for the Planet, Climate First Bank will give an equivalent of 1% of gross sales from chosen account products through a combination of monetary, in-kind and approved promotional support directly to grassroots, environmental nonprofits.

Florida for Good 

Through Florida For Good we connect with B Corps, Conscious Capitalism, 1% For The Planet, Imperative 21, like minded organizations/networks, governments/chambers, academia, and the local For Good ecosystems throughout the state.  We do this to promote business as a force for good through sharing best practices, collective action, and growth of these movements.

U.S. Green Building Council

Climate First Bank is a proud member of the U.S. Green Building Council “USGBC”. We join local and international, big and small, and mission and market-driven organizations determined to transform buildings to help build a sustainable future for all. The USGBC is also the organization behind Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design “LEED” standards.


Through a partnership with nonprofits like IDEAS For Us, we will be working to implement local sustainability actions through St. Petersburg, Orlando, and parts of Florida by engaging the community in everything from tree plantings,to wetland restorations, ecosystem clean-ups, urban gardens, and more.

B Corp 

Our B Corp Certification represents the highest standards of verified performance through completion and verification of the B Impact Assessment which measures how our company’s operations and business model impact the areas of governance, workers, community, environment, and customers.  Climate First will be the first bank in the southeast to become a Certified B Corp.

Global Alliance for Banking on Values

The Global Alliance for Banking on Values “GABV” is an international organization based in the Netherlands, of banking institutions focused on providing banking services to individuals and enterprises that deliver social empowerment, environmental regeneration, and economic prosperity. Climate First Bank plans to join the alliance once we have been operational for 2 years, a minimum set by GABV.

Net Zero Carbon Neutrality in Partnership with We Are Neutral

Climate First Bank will have a net zero carbon footprint on opening day, through guidance from We Are Neutral, a 501(c)3 based out of Gainesville, Florida.  Net Zero means that Climate First Bank will achieve a balance between greenhouse gases put in the atmosphere and those taken out or offset.  This is referred to as Carbon Neutral.


Climate First Bank’s manifesto on the climate crisis involves initiatives based on the comprehensive plan articulated in the book, Drawdown. The book, which inspired Project Drawdown, brilliantly outlines a measurable, executable plan to halt catastrophic climate change by drawing down atmospheric levels of CO2 as quickly, safely, and equitably as possible. Every decision and action we make will be analyzed through the lens of achieving drawdown.

Florida Benefit Corporation 

Climate First Bank is a legal Benefit Corporation.  Under Florida law, a Benefit Corporation has the purpose of creating a material, positive effect on society and the environment.  Climate First is the first bank in the southeast to be registered as a Benefit Corporation.

UN Principles for Responsible Banking 

The Principles for Responsible Banking were developed by a group of 130 banks from 49 countries.  These six principles have the goal of accelerating the banking industry’s progress and contribution toward achieving the SDGs and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials

PCAF is a global partnership of financial institutions that work together to develop and implement a harmonized approach to assess and disclose the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with their loans and investments.  The harmonized accounting approach provides financial institutions with the starting point required to set science-based targets and align their portfolio with the Paris Climate Agreement.

Net-Zero Banking Alliance

In support of our commitment to a climate-positive future, Climate First Bank has officially joined the Net-Zero Banking Alliance “NZBA”, an industry-led, UN-convened alliance of banks worldwide, committed to aligning their lending and investment portfolios with net-zero emissions by 2050 or sooner, in line with the most ambitious targets set by the Paris Climate Agreement.