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regeneration means addressing current human needs not an imagined dystopian future with women carrying baskets on their head

Banking for Action

With Regeneration, Paul Hawken has provided six Frameworks for Action. Here we apply those frameworks to the banking sector as a part of our commitment to fight the climate crisis.


adverse housing conditions on the water

Equity is just and fair inclusion. Without equity, solutions to combat the world’s issues face the troubling possibility of leaving those who rely on the current infrastructure behind. This means the changes that take place throughout society must take place while providing job security, lower living costs, protection from natural disasters, and the opportunity of prosperous futures for all.

Climate First Bank is supporting regeneration through equity by:
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We do not finance industries that are damaging to society including for-profit-prisons, firearms, and predatory finance.

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We do not invest or finance organizations or industries that support fossil fuels and deforestation which spurs the climate crisis and inherently disproportionately affects low to moderate-income communities around the world.

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We do support groups that create a positive impact including companies and organizations that support social justice, climate justice, gender equality, healthy food, indigenous rights in addition to other movements that support regeneration.

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We will provide access to financial education through programs associated with the Community Reinvestment Act.

reduction image showing solar panels, wind turbines, and battery storage systems

Reduction is making smaller or less in size or amount. Reduction is using less – less energy, less food, less fast fashion – less emissions. Renewable energy creates reduction. As these technologies become more accessible, the impact of our everyday energy use can be reduced. If we as humans can commit to the arduous task of eliminating fossil fuel from our energy inventory, we will not only overcome the most difficult obstacle but create widespread economic opportunity.

Climate First Bank is supporting regeneration through reduction by:
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We are a carbon-neutral company through carbon offsets created by We Are Neutral and certified by the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and Climate Action Reserve (CAR).

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We finance solutions to reduce global carbon emissions such as residential and commercial solar, EV charging infrastructure, and green building retrofits.

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We support responsible urbanization with construction development projects that include sustainable building materials, feature energy and water efficiency upgrades, promote walkability, and encourage green building certifications such as LEED/FL Green.

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We build all of our company buildings to the highest level of LEED certification possible and utilize renewable energy with the goal of reaching net-zero emissions at each branch.

image of trees being harvested for lumber to symbolize lack of protection

Protect, in this context, means preserving, securing, and honoring. Biodiversity is essential to our fight against the climate crisis. The world’s living systems are tied together in a symbiotic relationship that maintains balance, sequesters, and stores carbon. Protection – of wetlands, rainforests, wildlife migration – is crucial in maintaining healthy ecosystems that will remain resilient and prosperous as humans work to solve the climate crisis that we have created.

Climate First Bank is supporting regeneration through protection by:
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We protect forests, biodiversity, rivers, etc. by our commitment to never finance dirty energy, extractive industries, and bad agriculture.

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We support and bank organizations like The Sustany Foundation who create programs that educate the community about environmental stewardship.

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We purchase used office furniture when possible. This mitigates the amount of new wood and materials used in our buildings.

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We support and bank organizations like MORAES that protect the oceans.

photo of swampland trees with hanging moss

To sequester is to isolate or hideaway. Sequestration captures and stores atmospheric carbon in marine and terrestrial plants and trees, in rainforests, wetlands, and mangroves, removing both historic carbon and unavoidable carbon in the way the planet originally intended. We can relieve the overload on these natural sequestration systems through proforestation, afforestation, regenerative agriculture, managed grazing and other programs that protect existing ecosystems.

Climate First Bank is supporting regeneration through sequestration by:
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We purchase carbon offsets through We Are Neutral. Their organization contributes to degraded land restoration and proforestation.

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We implement compost programs in each of our branches. Compost stores more carbon in the soil than it emits in the air.

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We will not finance industries that disrupt our mission of reduction such as dirty energy, extractive industries, and bad agriculture.

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We support financing for the regenerative agriculture industry.

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Influence is the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself. Influence creates scale in the global fight again the climate crisis. Through influence, we can take a single change and create a policy. We can take a single protest and create a movement. Changes across the landscape of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) must start from the top. Influence can push those at the top to make the right decision.

Climate First Bank is supporting regeneration through influence by:
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We provide preferred pricing and loan structures for mission-aligned loans that include clean/renewable energy, sustainable materials, LEED/FL Green Certifications, upgraded insulation, and energy and water-efficient components.

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We participate in lobbying for climate and social causes including advocating to save net-metering in Florida and speaking out against political parties who threaten the health and the welfare of our customers and the communities in which we operate.

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We send our leadership to world gatherings such as COP 26 to encourage government officials and policymakers to take widespread, aggressive action in the fight against the climate crisis.

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We are leading the way as one of two FDIC-insured banks to join 1% for the Planet as a full member.

young african american men working in a volunteer group

Support is the act of giving assistance to or enabling to function or act. Regeneration must take place across all geographies – in all areas of climate, social justice, environment, and governance. One organization cannot create these changes alone. By supporting those around us in this fight against the climate crisis, we can act together. We can pull from the knowledge and expertise of those outside of our chosen field lifting others up while saving valuable time and resources.

Climate First Bank champions regeneration through support by:
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We donate the equivalent of 1% of the Bank’s revenues to 1% for the Planet each year. This money goes to environmental organizations on the front line of the climate crisis.

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We provide paid time off for our employees to volunteer and give back to the community. This practice supports our commitment to 1% for the Planet and the Community Reinvestment Act.

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We partner with Project Regeneration who, through the world’s largest and most complete listing and network of solutions, intends to end the climate crisis in one generation.

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We support the values-aligned businesses that bank with us by helping nonprofits become approved 1% for the Planet organizations, helping businesses through the B Corp process, and creating connections throughout our network to advance shared goals.

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Climate First Bank and Project Regeneration have partnered to develop the Regeneration Checking account – providing you with the opportunity to foster positive social and environmental change where every dollar deposited can make an impact on saving our planet by supporting the efforts of Project Regeneration.

Paul Hawken’s Project Regeneration is a non-profit organization advocating for a plan to end the climate crisis in one generation. Founder Paul Hawken is the best-selling author of the books Regeneration and Drawdown which were inspirational to CEO and Founder Ken LaRoe when he established Climate First Bank, the world’s first commercial bank dedicated to fighting the climate crisis.

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