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Make a difference with each deposit you make. Climate First Bank offers a full-service portfolio of products, including dedicated personal loan options for solar and energy retrofits.
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Running a sustainable business has never been easier. From commercial loans to checking and savings products, Climate First Bank has a variety of personalized options for your business needs.
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We’re proud to join the movement of individuals, businesses, and nonprofits using our collective power to change the world. Learn how we’re partnering with B Lab, We are Neutral, Global Alliance for Banking on Values, and more.


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Banks look to automate emissions tracking

September 15, 2022
As banks deal with increasing pressure from stakeholders and lawmakers to reduce their carbon footprint, automated emissions-tracking software providers stand ready to capitalize.
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Climate First Bank offers financing for solar panels

September 1, 2022
It’s no secret solar panels can be expensive, but in this edition of the Gulshore Business report, Gulfshore Business Editor David Dorsey explores possible ways to pay for them.
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St. Petersburg bank goes on hiring spree, adding 12 employees

August 31, 2022
Climate First Bank, a St. Petersburg community bank focused on environmentally sustainable products, welcomed 12 new employees, several in key leadership roles, this week. The hiring spree increases the bank’s workforce to 48.
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Climate First Bank Increases Access to Eco-Friendly Finance with New Hires

August 30, 2022
Values-based bank announces 12 new hires, including HR director, branch managers and additions to the residential mortgage and commercial lending teams
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Five ways banks and fintechs are trying to slow climate change

August 29, 2022
Banks and fintechs are using technology to help their customers make more climate-friendly choices. They're making green loans, helping consumers understand the impact of their transactions and nudging them into more eco-conscious spending.
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Climate First Bank Avoids 36K Tons of Emissions over 25 Years

August 3, 2022
Climate First Bank financed 2,578.48 kW of renewable energy, which is more than 36,000 tons of CO2 emissions avoided over 25 years, according to Climate First Bank’s first Annual Impact Report.
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