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Embracing Growth: Summer Interns Extending Their Journey with Climate First Bank

Rachel Kent

What started as a season of fresh perspectives and eager learning has blossomed into a story of meaningful connections and mutual growth. Three out of four summer interns at Climate First Bank have chosen to extend their internships, forging a path that embodies the Bank's commitment to fostering both professional development and a sustainable future.

From Interns to Partners in Progress

Summer internships often conjure images of short-term experiences, where eager young minds step into the professional world to gain insight and knowledge. However, the narrative is evolving at Climate First Bank, where interns are extending their internships, transforming their roles from learners to active contributors.

This shift is a testament to the Bank's unique approach to internships. Rather than confining interns to the periphery, Climate First Bank has integrated them into the heart of its operations. The interns become valued members of teams dedicated to creating innovative green financing solutions, fostering a sense of ownership and purpose.

Cultivating a Collaborative Culture

One of the driving factors behind interns choosing to extend their internships is the Bank's collaborative and inclusive work culture. Interns are encouraged to voice their ideas, challenge conventions, and contribute to ongoing projects. This open exchange of perspectives not only enriches their experience but also enhances the bank's ability to pioneer sustainability-driven initiatives.

The camaraderie that grows within this nurturing environment fosters a strong sense of belonging. Interns find themselves not just working for the Bank, but with the Bank, becoming active participants in the journey towards a greener economy. Karina Rosario, Cyber Security Intern, said, “The company culture at Climate First Bank creates a sense of camaraderie amongst employees. It's been very special to be part of a team with shared goals.”

A Two-Way Growth Trajectory

The decision to extend their internships is a choice made with intention. The interns recognize the Bank's commitment to their growth and development, mirroring their dedication to the Bank's mission. This mutual investment creates a unique growth trajectory, where interns evolve into professionals capable of driving positive change while contributing to the Bank's ongoing success.

In turn, the Bank benefits from the fresh perspectives and innovative ideas brought by the interns. Their continued presence injects the organization with renewed energy and a sense of continuous evolution. Jason Dobuler, Marketing Intern, said, “I've always been aware and passionate about protecting the environment, which was part of why I was so interested in interning for Climate First Bank. I can proudly say after working here, even for a short period of time, my eyes have been opened to how much more a company and even an individual can do for the environment. It makes me extremely proud to work for a company that is so deeply rooted in and committed to protecting the environment, and inspiring others to do the same.”

Building a Sustainable Legacy

As these summer interns become long-term contributors, they build a bridge between the bank's past, present, and future. Their journey exemplifies how the bank is not only investing in the development of individuals but also in the creation of a legacy grounded in sustainability and innovation. Khaalil Williams-Frierson, Digital Banking Intern, said, “The best part about being an intern for Climate First Bank is being able to be involved with a company that genuinely cares about creating a sustainable future as well as the great work environment everyone there has created.”

Nurturing Tomorrow’s Talent

The story of these interns is a reminder that the seeds of progress planted today can grow into the forests of tomorrow. Their decision to extend their internships with Climate First Bank showcases a commitment to embracing growth, cultivating partnerships, and nurturing a greener, more sustainable world.

In a world where change is the only constant, Climate First Bank and its interns are paving the way for a future where sustainable values are deeply rooted, and progress is nurtured by collective effort.

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