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Why Climate First Bank?

Rachel Kent

Why Climate First Bank?

It’s all in the name, right? Climate First Bank does just that, we put the climate first in every decision, every expansion, every new product. At Climate First Bank, we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk… read on to learn more!  

A world first.

Climate First Bank is the world’s first FDIC-insured community bank founded to combat the climate crisis. The bank is dedicated to supporting projects in the community that create a positive environmental or social impact and has been carbon neutral since day one. Unlike most banks, Climate First Bank uses customers’ deposits to fund solar loans for both commercial and personal customers. To date, the bank has approved nearly $44MM of residential solar loans since the program started in May 2022. That’s generating nearly 13MW of green, clean energy every saving a huge amount of carbon emissions from entering the atmosphere.

Climate First Bank is also a pending B Corp. B Corps are companies that voluntarily meet the highest standards for social and environmental performance. They go through a rigorous certification process, completing a comprehensive assessment of their company’s impacts on all stakeholders, and having their assessment verified by B Lab, the non profit behind the B Corp certification.

Investing in a cleaner future

We all do our bit to reduce our impact, whether we take big, conscious decisions, or actions we take that we don’t even realize have an impact. From walking to work, recycling empty cartons, powering our homes with renewable energy, or simply eating a little less meat & diary. These steps all have an impact. We also educate the public on things that they can do to make their home or their business more sustainable.

Picking a bank that doesn’t invest in fossil fuels is one of the easy ways you can reduce your carbon footprint. By opening an account with Climate First Bank, you can be sure that your dollars aren’t invested in the fossil fuel industry. Instead, we’ll use your finances to empower businesses and individuals to tackle the climate crisis through providing loans for renewable energy.  


Climate First Bank partners with select organizations to ensure our mission is achieved through measurable impact. We work with lots of organizations, including


Banking is something we do throughout our whole lives. Make a sustainable choice with Climate First Bank and help us to create a better world. It’s easy to open accounts with us, and you can do everything online and through our full-service app, there is no need to step foot into a branch. Our checking accounts have debit card access to the Presto! & Moneypass ATM networks.

Read more about our Personal Banking and Business Banking solutions, or reach out to our Florida based team by contacting us at


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As the nation’s first climate-focused bank, Climate First Bank is a full-service community bank offering both personal and commercial banking services. We are proud to serve our communities as we work together to promote sustainability and reverse the climate crisis.
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